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10D North Rocks Road, North Parramatta, Sydney, NSW
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  • Loans $500 to $70,000
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Welcome To Pawnbrokers Your Sydney Cash Loan Centre

4 Easy Steps To Your Loan
Visit With Your Car Bike Boat
Visit With Your Car Bike Boat
10D North Rocks Road, North Parramatta, Sydney, NSW
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Provide Us

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Final Process
Final Process

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Enquiries Call 02 9683 6772
Enquiries Call 02 9683 6772
02 9683 6772

Pawn Your

  • Pawn Your Car for Instant Cash Loan

    Pawning made easy! Get short-term instant cash loan against the value and security of your car.

  • Pawn Your Motorcycle for Fast Cash Loan

    Pawning made simple! Get fast cash loan for short-term against the value and security of your motorcycle.

  • Pawn Your Boat for Immediate Cash Loan

    Available immediate cash loan for short-term by pawning your boat.

  • Pawn Your Jet Ski for Quick Cash Loan

    Pawn your Jetski and obtain a quick cash loan for short-term.

  • Pawn Your Caravan for Speedy Cash Loan

    Pawn your caravan for speedy cash loan for short-term.

  • Pawn Your Truck for Swift Cash Loan

    Pawn your truck to receive short-term cash loan swiftly.

Quick Loan Solutions

Need Money in a Hurry. We Can Help! Borrow a Same Day Cash Loan.

Pawnbroker provides the oldest form of lending, loans against assets, Borrow a $500 to $70,000 cash loan in just 30 Minutes. Pawn your car, motorbike, boat or truck and get cash today.


  • No 7-day waiting, we are the lender and provider of the funds.
  • No pre approvals, credit check or pay slip required.
  • Loan approval and settlement in less than 30 minutes.
  • No hidden loan charges or fees.

    For a Cash Loan today all we require

  • Provide two forms of identification (one photo ID).
  • Supply asset`s registration or ownership document.
  • Asset must be unencumbered (no finance owing).
  • Your asset will be stored for the term of the loan.

    Why choose Pawnbroker

  • Cash in just 30 minutes.
  • Flexible repayments, pay as you go or at the loan expiry, your choice,

Sell Your Asset 4 Cash

Sell an Asset 4 Cash
Do You Own An Asset You Don`t Need? We are a Cash Buyer up to $100,000 of
Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Trucks or other Valuables Information Call
02 9683 6772
. See How it works

Pawnbroker is centrally located in Parramatta the heart of Sydney New South Wales and provides a money lending service as a licensed car pawnbroker – hock a car shop. This service involves advancing short-term loans against the security of cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks and valuables. Having many years of knowledge and experience in offering this service we now have reached the level that we can advance cash loans from $500 to $70,000 in just 30 minutes. This process is easy and fast with there being no requirement for credit checks or bank statements.

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10D North Rocks Road, North Parramatta, Sydney, NSW