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Thank you for visiting Pawnbroker. This is how our Short Term Pawn Loans Work.

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How it works to pawn your car motorcycle boat

It’s Simple; Check out how it works to pawn your car motorcycle boat and our loan process, Pawnbroker provides 1 Day – 3 Months cash loans commonly known as “pawn loans” ranging from $500 to $70,000 secured against the value of your car, boat, truck motorbike, jet ski, horse float, caravan or valuables.


Still unsure? Please read below how it works to pawn your car motorcycle boat.


What is a Pawn loan?
Loans are based on the value of an asset (Pledge) whereby the asset is retained by the lender, otherwise known as “pawn loans” and provided by pawn brokers – pawn shops. Remember, asset remains with us in one of our storage facilities for the term of the loan.


What does Pawnbroker lent against?
Virtually all types of Car Boat Truck Motorbike Jet Ski Horse float Caravan and valuables.


How quick do clients get the loan Money
Same day and generally the process take no more than 15 Minutes


Do I need to be in employment?
Employment or income is not required; your asset is the security as the pawnbroker holds onto your asset.


Can you help If money owing on my asset?
Yes, if necessary we would pay out your other loan.


What if owner ship papers are in my name and another person’s name?
Generally this is not a problem


How much cam I borrow?
From $500 up to $70,000 depending on the age type model condition and value of that asset and what percentage of that value we are prepared to lend, upon our conclusion we will discuss our estimate, and should you be comfortable you can proceed with your loan.


Does bad credit affect the loan – approval?
Your asset is your credit (security), we hold onto the asset.


What paper work is required from the borrower?
You will need is a photo Identification and ownership or registration papers to your item.


How long is the loan term?
You decide how long that you want to borrow the money, however it is generally 1 Day to 3 Months, you can redeem (Pay & pick up) your asset (Pledge) any time in that period. You only pay for the period that you have borrowed the money.


What Is the Interest on the loan?
Loans are assessed on the condition and value of the item you are borrowing against, therefore our fees are negotiable, however interest if any is monthly and charges are fixed at the time of the contract, there are no hidden fees.


How do clients repay?
Repayment is when you redeem your asset (pick up) or if you require we can provide a payment option plan.


If clients can only afford to pay part of the loan due what happens?
Should you be unable to repay the entire loan amount prior to the 3-month period you may select to pay only the loan interest (Called an extension), without re-paying any of the principle. This allows you the extra time that you may require coming up with the balance.


What if a client cannot pay the loan and redeem the asset?
The asset will be sold, the surplus balance if any maybe refunded.


Pawnbroker operates within New South Wales as a licensed Pawnbroker complying with all state laws: Click here to link

Under the Australian Credit Act, Pawn broking is exempt it is not technically credit or a credit service under the Act. It is governed by State laws, and by the unconscionable conduct, misleading, deceptive provisions of the ASI Act 2001: Click here to link, Click here to link 2

Pawnbroker is centrally located in Parramatta the heart of Sydney New South Wales and provides a money lending service as a licensed car pawnbroker – hock a car shop. This service involves advancing short-term loans against the security of cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks and valuables. Having many years of knowledge and experience in offering this service we now have reached the level that we can advance cash loans from $500 to $70,000 in just 30 minutes. This process is easy and fast with there being no requirement for credit checks or bank statements.

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