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Vehicle Pawnbroker, how it works guide provides all the information in relation to pawning your vehicle.

Money lent against all vehicles at Vehicle Pawnbroker

What Assets Do We Pawn?

  • We accept all make and models, whether you own a Holden, Ford, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Toyota.
  • All the popular motorcycle manufacturers including Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Harley Davidson.
  • All watercraft including jet skis, e.g., Haines Hunter, Quintrex, Stacer, Savage and others.

What Amount Will We Lend?

  •  From $500 up to $100,000. 

Loan Benefits

  • No monthly repayment necessary, repay when you redeem your asset.
  • Pay no loan establishment fee.
  • No credit checks necessary, therefore, prior bad credit no problem.
  • No early or late payment penalty fee.

Owe Money On Your Asset?

So, you want to sell or borrow money against your vehicle? But have finance owing? No problems. Simply contact your current lender and obtain a payout, then get in contact with us. We’ll endeavour to find a solution to your money requirement.

How To Qualify For Vehicle Pawn Loan

We require documents as listed:

  • Identification e.g. Drivers’ Licence • Passport • Proof of Identification card.
  • Proof of ownership e.g. Registration documents • Dealer invoice or receipt.

Where Do I Pawn My Vehicle?

  • Bring your asset and documents to our North Parramatta Head Office.
  • We’ll appraise your vehicle, verify ownership and subsequently agree on an amount.
  • Having viewed our loan terms and conditions?
  • Simply provide your identification and sign paperwork.
  • Your asset is placed into storage.

Receive Your Money

  • Finally, Cash or EFT payment.

Receive cash in hand or bank transfer

Repay Loan – Redeem Asset

  • Call and provide notice so we have your vehicle available for collection.

Loan Conditions

  • Contract term is set for the period you require, however, you may repay earlier, in this case you only repay for the term borrowed e.g., 1, 2, 3 months or more.
  • A fee calculated on the amount borrowed and length of period borrowed will be charged.
  • Needing to extend your loan, this is no problem, however, a charge will apply.
  • You may repay monthly or at contract expiry.
  • Asset is placed in storage until loan repayment.

Pawn Your Car – Still Drive It

Unfortunately, this is not possible!

The NSW Law: To borrow money from a Pawnbroker “You leave an asset with the pawnbroker, who gives you money secured against the asset until the debt is repaid” you can reclaim the asset at any time, by paying what you owe.

However, we have a relationship with Save Car Rental North Parramatta who offer vehicle rentals at reasonable pricing. ☎ (02) 8677 3922

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