To Get a Loan Against Your Car

Borrow Against Your Car As Collateral

Needing a Cash Loan against
your Car title or other Vehicle

Obtaining a cash loan against your car title and using your car as loan collateral and to borrow money against your car as collateral is easy at Vehicle Pawnbroker.

Contact our team they’re here to assist with any thoughts you may have in relation to pawning your vehicle and obtaining a secured loan against your car title.

Remember, even if you have had prior bad credit loans, if you own your vehicle out right, we can help. We can assist with a no credit check loan when you pawn a car for a secured loan.

When needing to pawn your car simply use its market value as collateral to obtain your secured loan against your car title at Vehicle Pawnbroker.

Needing to borrow against your Car 
Contact Vehicle Pawnbroker

Loans against All Vehicles

We consider all vehicles to have value. Whatever type, e.g, Van, Ute, Sports, Prestige, SUV or make or model if you need a secured loan against your car as collateral, we are here to assist.

Vehicle Pawn Loans against Cars.

Vehicle Pawnbroker Sydney offers

  • Flexible Rate & Term
  • No Establishment Fee
  • No Repayments for first 90 Days

Learn more check out how it works guide or FAQs.

When you need cash in a hurry and are thinking to borrow money against your car. Consider Vehicle Pawnbroker Loans Specialist, a family owned and operated moneylender located in Sydney NSW.

Vehicle Pawnbroker is Unique

As a licensed New South Wales pawnbroker, our service provides a convenient way for you to borrow against your vehicle a short-term cash loan without credit check when you pawn your car and use your car as collateral.

Loan Process

  • Private and confidential in minutes.

Pawn your Car and Still Drive It

Unfortunately, this is not possible!

NSW Law States: “To borrow money from a licensed Pawnbroker, borrowers must leave an asset with the pawnbroker, who loans you money secured against the asset until the debt is repaid” you can reclaim the asset at any time, by paying what you owe.

Good News to Keep you Driving

We have a relationship with Save Car Rental North Parramatta who offer vehicle rentals at reasonable pricing. ☎ (02) 8677 3922.

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