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Need Money? Sell Your Asset!

As a NSW licensed Motor & Second-hand Dealer, Vehicle Pawnbroker provides a fast and convenient buying service. We have immediate purchasing funds available up to $250,000.

What Assets Do We Buy?

  • We are a buyer of most vehicle make and models: Holden, Ford, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Toyota.
  • Including popular motorcycle makes: Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Harley Davidson.
  • All watercraft including jet skis, e.g., Haines Hunter, Quintrex, Stacer, Savage, Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Kawasaki and others.

What assets we buy at Vehicle Pawnbroker

How Can I Sell My Asset Today?

When considering to sell your asset? You will need to provide:

  • Purchase proof and ownership document.
  • Identification e.g., driver’s licence or similar.

Asset Sale – Visit Us

  • Bring asset and ownership document to our North Parramatta office.
  • We’ll appraise your asset, verify ownership and agree a purchase amount.
  • Provide your identification and sign document of sale.

Receive Payment

  • Cash or EFT payment.

Receive cash in hand or bank transfer

Owe Money On Your Asset

Contact your lender and request a payout amount, most will provide this via email within hours.

We pay the entire amount owing directly to your financier and any remainder to you in cash or EFT.

VIsit Vehicle Pawnbroker Sydney or call: 02 9683 6772

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