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Thank you for visiting. Check out our Sell an Asset 4 Cash Service.

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Process Loan & Provide:

Photo Identification
Ownership Papers

Sign Contract, Leave Asset, Receive:

Cash In Hand On the Spot

Needing Cash? Sell your asset!

Pawnbroker is also a licensed Motor & Secondhand Dealer we are a Cash Buyer of most assets up to $100,000 in value.
May be your Car – Boat – Truck – Motorbike – Jet skis – Horse float – Bobcat – Machinery – Tools In fact any item of value?


How Can I Sell My Asset Today?

Pawnbroker provides a fast and easy buying service.  There are simple steps to selling your asset whether it be a car, motorcycle, boat or other valuables.

Visit us we are open Monday through to Saturday.

You will need to provide the ownership documents and your driver’s licence.

Find out what we’ll pay for your asset.

At the point of our purchase Pawnbroker will complete our title checks and the necessary purchase paperwork, you get paid in cash or we can EFT or bank cheque. It’s completely up to you.


Your Asset Is Under Finance

Should this be the case we will contact your provider and request a payout amount. Most will provide the current loan balance via email within hours or a day or so.

We pay the entire amount owing directly to your financier and any remainder to you in cash or EFT, whichever you prefer.

If the loan balance is greater than your valuation, you will be required to pay the difference.

Pawnbroker offers an asset selling service as well as providing a money lending service as a licensed car pawnbroker – hock a car shop. This service involves advancing short-term loans against the security of cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks and valuables. Having many years of knowledge and experience in offering this service we now have reached the level that we can advance cash loans from $500 to $70,000 in just 30 minutes. This process is easy and fast with there being no requirement for credit checks or bank statements.

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10D North Rocks Road, North Parramatta, Sydney, NSW
0437 648 278 0437 648 278 SMS your details with asset photos