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We Guarantee, you’ll get your vehicle pawn loan at Car Pawnbroker Sydney, don’t wait Contact our Vehicle Pawn Shop. When you own your vehicle and need cash in a hurry, 

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We are a lender of same day cash auto pawn loans ranging from $500 up to $100,000 against: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats and Trucks.

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Auto Pawnbroker , is located in Sydney at Parramatta.

Visit our Car Pawn Shop and Get Cash for Cars, Motorcycles or Boats at Vehicle Pawnbroker.

Vehicle Pawnbroker Sydney
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Our informative, how it works or faqs guide will provide all the relevant information in relation to our car pawn shop / vehicle pawn shop lending service.

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We offer various pre-options to obtain your pawn loan faster.

Alternatively, get in touch today;  visit our Sydney car pawn shop or call: 02 9683 6772

Pawn your Car and Still Drive It

Unfortunately, this is not possible!

NSW Law States: “To borrow money from a licensed Pawnbroker, borrowers must leave an asset with the pawnbroker, who loans you money secured against the asset until the debt is repaid” you can reclaim the asset at any time, by paying what you owe.

Good News to Keep you Driving

We have a relationship with Save Car Rental North Parramatta who offer vehicle rentals at reasonable pricing. ☎ (02) 8677 3922.

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Pawn Your

  • Pawn your Jet Ski at Vehicle Pawnbroker Sydney.

    Pawn Your Jet Ski for Quick Cash Loan Pawn your Jet ski and obtain a quick cash loan.

  • Pawn your Caravan at Vehicle Pawnbroker Sydney.

    Pawn Your Caravan for Speedy Cash Loan Pawn your caravan for speedy cash loan.

  • Pawn your Truck at Vehicle Pawnbroker Sydney.

    Pawn Your Truck for Swift Cash Loan Pawn your truck to receive a cash loan swiftly.

Car Pawn Loan Gif
  • Pawn a car at Vehicle Pawnbroker Sydney.

    Pawn Your Car for Instant Cash Loan Pawn your car and get cash loan against your car and its value.

  • Pawn a motorcycle at Vehicle Pawnbroker Sydney.

    Pawn Your Motorcycle for Fast Cash Loan Get fast cash loan for short-term against your motorcycle.

  • pawn a boat at Pawnbroker Sydney

    Pawn Your Boat for Immediate Cash Loan Available immediate cash loan for short-term by pawning your boat.

Quick Loan Solutions

Need Money Now? We Can Help!
Get a Same Day Cash Loan.

Vehicle Pawnbroker Sydney provides the oldest form of lending, loans against assets pledged.
We offer an easy and convenient and fast way to borrow money in minutes.
Our process allow borrowers to obtain a cash loan by pawning a car, motorbike, boat or truck.
Money lent ranges from $500 up to $100,000 providing the asset pledged has the value.


  • No 7-day wait, we are the cash lender.
  • No approval or credit check needed.
  • Cash Loan processed in just minutes.

All We Require

  • Provide identification.
  • Supply ownership paper.
  • Asset to have no finance.

Why Vehicle Pawnbroker?

  • Amazing Offer:
  • Cash in Hand in Minutes 
  • Easy No Repayment Plan

For cash loan visit: Vehicle Pawnbroker

Learn how it works or call: 02 9683 6772

Visit our Car Pawn Shop and get Cash in Hand at Vehicle Pawnbroker Sydney.

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