Frequently Asked Questions

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How quick do we get money?

Once all the paperwork is completed, you’ll receive immediate payment in Cash or Bank Transfer.

Additional FAQs

Does bad credit affect the loan approval?

As we retain your asset, this becomes our security over your loan.

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Alternatively we offer various pre-options to obtain your pawn loan faster.

Extended FAQs

What is a Pawn loan?

A Loan that is provided by a Pawnbroker against the value of an asset pledged by the borrower that remains with the pawnbroker for the term of the loan.

What assets do we lend money against?

Almost any type of Car, Boat, Truck ,Motorbike, Jet Ski, Horse float or Caravan.

How quick do I get a Loan on my asset?

Generally, in just minutes.

Do I have to be employed?

Employment or income or credit checks are not required; your asset is the security on the loan.

If there is finance owing on my asset can you help?

We prefer the asset is to be free of finance or at least minimal owing. However, please contact us to discuss further.

What if ownership papers are in my name and another name?

This is not a problem we have a process to verify ownership.

What Identification is required?

To qualify for a loan we require to site proof of identification. E.g. Drivers’ Licence, Passport or certified Proof of Identification Card.

How long is the contract term?

You decide the length of the loan term. However, contractS are set at 3 Months, but can be repaid at any time without penalty fees incurring. You only repay for the period you have borrowed the money.

What is the Interest charge on the loan?

Interest charged will be determined at the time of contract and is established on the amount borrowed and assets value. However, interest charged if any, is fixed at the time of agreement, furthermore our contracts are transparent, there are no hidden fees.

How do I repay?

As the contract stipulates, Monthly Repayments are Not Necessary. Full repayment is not required until you redeem your asset. However to reduce your debt you may Pay As You Go.

If I can only afford to pay part of the loan due?

You may pay a monthly extension fee, this allows you the extra time you may need to pay the full debt.

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